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Wedding DJ Sydney

Wedding DJ Sydney

DJ Sound System And Lighting Are Included In All Prices Given.

Dj equipment list:
Turn Tables, Cd Players, Mp3 Players, Microphone, Speakers, Subwoofer, Disco Lights, Laser lights, Smoke Machine, Stands, and we will provide more if required.

DJ Lex Entertainment the expert in Wedding DJ Sydney and Liverpool with over 10 years of experience.

Getting the best Wedding DJ in Sydney isn’t easy. Firstly the DJ must have plenty of experience and knowledge. Second is finding a good local wedding DJ. Local Dj means less travel time and less chances of anything going wrong. Meeting up and discussing the night with your DJ will be easier and less stressful. The wedding DJ Sydney or anywhere locally will have more of an idea about the local culture and music. Weddings can be very stressful and music entertainment can add to that stress. We are here to assist you if you need any help reducing that stress of music entertainment.

These are few tips to find the best Wedding DJ Sydney, North Sydney, Eastern Surbubs, Liverpool, Penrith, Blactown area.


  1. Price
  2. Experience
  3. Knowledge of weddings
  4. Dj Equipment including mics
  5. Setup
  6. Music Collection

Weddings require a lot of planning. Plans include budgeting, booking a venue, food, making arrangements for transport, arrangement of clothing, entertainment etc. It can be pretty stressful. We are here to help with stress of entertainment. Getting a DJ will reduce some of that stress. Wedding DJ Sydney will take care of

  1. Walk in
  2. Ring Ceremony
  3. Cake Cutting
  4. First Dance
  5. Good Byes

Services offered by DJ

Disc jockey price packages differ. It all depends on the skills, experience and reputation of a DJ. Before settling on a DJ, get some quotes from other companies and review them. Talk to couples that hired the wedding DJ previously. Your friends and family can link you with couples that hired DJs previously. Ask for demo of music from Wedding DJs.

  • Some Wedding DJs are high in demand and you have to book them with plenty of notice. Agree on the offered services and getting everything in writing. You should also sign an agreement. If you need to specify songs that need to be played, you must do that in writing. Specify the songs you would like for the first dance and listen to it before the night.

Importance of a DJ on the wedding day

A wedding is not complete without an evening party. This is where the couple treats their guest to an evening of dance and drinks. For such an event you are going to need a wedding disc jockey. A wedding is an important occasion in anyone’s life. Every couple would like to celebrate their big day in a different way. Receptions play a vital role in a wedding. A reception is a party which is done after the ceremony of wedding. A DJ can make that part the wedding memorable. Choose wisely

There are companies who provide great Wedding Dj Sydney services. In order to get the best services of DJ entertainment, you must do your research. Those who do not have sufficient time to plan their special day, get your friends, families or a wedding planner. Wedding planners are great choice. There have many contacts in the industry and knowledge of planning a good wedding in Sydney.