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Tips for finding the best Wedding DJ or the DJ Hire Agency in Sydney.

Wedding is one of our most important ceremonies in all cultures. The wedding ceremony is important but so is the reception to celebrate the wedding and drink and dance the night with the bride and groom. Getting the mobile Dj or Dj hire agency is very important. Picking the wrong Dj can really put a strain on your wedding night and also create allot of stress. Your guest may leave early or not dance. All this can really upset you.
Apart from getting a wedding DJ, you need to consider a good MC because the MC and the wedding DJ normally work together to make your wedding party unforgettable.
• Together they walk the bridal party and the wedding couple into the reception.
• Together they walk you through the entrance and play the music for your cake cutting moment. The MC and the DJs need to be in time and harmony to make each step work.
• Now the first dance. The wedding DJ and the MC work together to make your first dance look amazing. It is your DJs responsibility to make sure the music and lighting is correct and on time.
The wedding DJ hire company in Sydney that you choose is crucial to make your night memorable. Getting the right DJ at the right price with the right experience can be a little difficult. There are many companies that offer the wedding DJ’s but do they really have the correct wedding DJ? This is something you need to pick out when you are going through your contact or shortlist.

Our DJs and their experience:

DJ Lex Entertainment the Wedding DJ agency has the right DJs at the right price and the right experience to insure your wedding is successful. We have done enough wedding gigs to know what is needed on the day or night of the wedding. Our Djs not only have wedding experience but also have experience in all types of functions like birthdays, engagements, clubs and corporate functions. In any type of functions or gathering it is important for a Dj to know what type of music to play at the right time. Be sure to ask enough questions to satisfy yourself.

The Wedding DJ and their equipment:

Most of the venues do not supply the Dj sound system so it is your Dj hire agency or wedding Dj hire company’s responsibility to supply all required equipment to make your wedding successful. In some cases the Dj you hire is required to work with the band that will be playing in your wedding. It is important for the wedding Dj to know how to connect all sound and lighting with the band in the way. Also the Dj must be aware of sound limiter some venues have and how manage the limiter and use of it. The last thing you need is the power turning off in the middle of the wedding because the Dj does not know anything about the sound limiter.

Wedding DJ Sydney:

It is best to hire a Wedding DJ from your local area. Firstly the DJ does not have travel far to get to the venue to setup so there less chance of anything going wrong. Secondly the wedding  Dj Sydney will have more of sn idea about the nationality and the local culture. Meeting up and discussing the night with your DJ will be easier and less stressful. Weddings can be very stressful and music and entertaibment can add to that stress. We are here to asist you if you need any help reducing that stress of music or entertainment.

These are few tips to find the best Wedding DJ Sydney, North Sydney, Eastern Surbubs, Liverpool, Penrith, Blactown area.